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Major Energy Image Reading incl. Tree of life at the price of 222,00 €

Your Major Kabbalah Reading requires the following data:

  • Your first and last name, according to the entry on your birth certificate 
  • Your date of birth

Payment modalities: 

Major Reading only after 50% down payment, at least. 

Payable via PayPal, bank transfer on account or prepayment.

After having filled in and sent the form, you can pay directly with PayPal. Choose down payment or full payment. (After the reading, you can use this button for the final payment, as well.)

See PayPal button below. Please confirm having sent the form (order at cost) before pressing the PayPal button.

In case of bank transfer, you receive a down payment invoice, after sending the order (order at cost), and a final invoice at the end. 

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Severability Clause

This Internet offer provides you with information on how to deal with yourself, in the best case to activate your self-healing powers. It is not a promise of healing, in particular, it does not replace a visit to a doctor or asks you to discontinue or change existing conventional medical therapies or medications.

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