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Determine your master talent in life

This is your main life talent in your Kabbalah, with which you can more easily accomplish your life's tasks -
once it has come to fruition.

Please enter your date of birth individually and with leading 0 (1st cell: 0, 2nd cell: 6 = 6th, or August = 1st cell: 0 2nd cell 8).

d/d/m/m/y/y/y/y  e.g. 31.07.1957

Please, enter your date of birth

Your date of birth :

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Your talent is card No:

Path name is:

The meaning

Clicking on the card corresponding to the number opens a brief description. There is much more for you, of course, as a part of the Major Image Reading.

(Paths 0, 1 and 2 cannot be talents!)

Fool 0 Fool
Magician 1 Magician

High Priestess 2 High Priestess
Empress 3 Empress
Emperor 4 Emperor
High Priest 5 High Priest
Lovers 6 Lovers
Chariot 7 Chariot
Strength 8 Strength
Hermit 9 Hermit
Wheel of life 10 Wheel
Justice 11 Justice
Hanging man 12 Hanging man
Death 13 Death
Temperance 14 Temperance
Devil 15 Devil
tower 16 Tower
star 17 Star
moon 18 Moon
sun 19 Sun
judgement 20 Jugdement
universe 21 Universe

© The tarot cards were painted by Ciro Marchetti -  Thank you very much for the kind release!