What my soul is longing to learn...

A really "colorful dog" with a lot of life experience

Why are people the way they are? Why am I the way I am?

These questions have been of burning interest to me since I was 14, and even as a teenager I pored over tons of psychology literature. At 16, I became a junior actor at the German Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus (theatre) and got to know the stage. At 19, after graduating from high school, I had a very intense mind-expanding experience – my Don Juan experience, so to speak.

Also in order to process and comprehend this, I studied philosophy, theater studies and German language and literature. At the same time, I went to acting scool to become a professional actor, which was then the center of my life for 25 years.

Many jobs, different experiences came along. What doesn't one do to keep acting alive! 25 years ago I founded the media consultancy Zang & Triebel in cooperation with a publishing merchant. Today it still exists as the web agency Triebel - the keyboard whiz and pixel pusher. I danced on unbelievable many professional weddings, (PC-lecturer, foundation of a casting agency, various internet portals,...) expanded and ...

then all things, first private and then professional, collapsed one after the other. I hit the wall business-wise and even had to leave my beloved City Cologne. The way for a real change became free! (Today I can say thank you!)

  In this time of crisis and upheaval, a good friend caught me and introduced me to Kabbalah analysis. Also, other spiritual experiences like angel work, runes, and Atlantan Arolo were "tested" by me. Gradually, I realized what my soul had in mind for me: to bring me into my destiny. 

Out of my love for mathematics, logic and sacred geometry, Kabbalah of all spiritual paths has been mine for a good 14 years now. Many, many life tree calculations and energy image analyses I have done since then. Visited fairs, held workshops, lectured. And still I am at the beginning of understanding the real depth....

  Step by step everything is moving into a new phase: Classical Numerology is integrated, Human Design Charts are added. I also don't want to miss the basic training of Töm Mögele's Mindflow in my spiritual work and facial physiognomics is also an important building block in human assessment, the empathy of the actor does its part.

At the end will be: the holistic-philosophical life counseling Dirk Simplizius Triebel