What my soul is longing to learn...

The Kabbalah Tree of Life

with all sephira, paths and levels

Ten Sephira

Ten Sephira, spheres, digits - 22 ways in between the Sephrot.

How can this ancient Hebrew symbol Kabbalah Tree of Life be understood today? It contains a tremendous philosophical complexity, which is very difficult to grasp completely.

The ten symbols, Sephira stand for human-soul energies, at the same time for divine energies, because every human being is God, carries the divine in himself. Therefore one speaks traditionally also of the Ten emanations of God:

God - wisdom - order - love - power - brilliance - healing - wisdom - subconscious - matter.

traditionally called: 

Crown - Wisdom - Understanding - Grace - Strength - Beauty - Victory - Glory - Foundation - Kingdom.

(Counted from top to bottom and from right to left).

The 22 connecting paths, 19 of which (2-21) can be brought to bear in Kabbalah analysis, stand for 20 fundamental themes, energy tensions of being human - yesterday as well as today. Even if we consider only 3 in the Tree of Life analysis, all of them symbolize desirable abilities. 

Although we limit ourselves in the Tree of Life analysis to 3 paths: talent, learning task 1 up to a certain, predictable year of life and then learning task 2, the spiritual examination of all paths is an extremely exciting and highly recommended. The names of all paths correspond to the trump cards of the tarot, the great arcana.

The systematics of the tree of life already gives hints how to understand and approach the paths. It begins with the triangle God Wisdom and Order. The numbering of the paths goes from 0 to 21 and the first path for humans is path 2.

First way from perfection (0) duality 1 and 2 must be created (the divine binary code so to speak) before man can recognize and that is why the livable ways in Kabbalah begin with way 3 - the ruler. 

The left side of the Tree of Life simplified represents active ways of acting , the right side represents ways of receiving, letting happen. All horizontal paths represent the tasks of finding a balance, better a synthesis between opposites.

The 8 ways leading to the center, to the sun, embody ways in which consciousness, awareness, cognition play the major role. Finally, at the bottom, the divine consciousness would have arrived in matter, having passed through consciousness and subconsciousness, and thus arrived at the "meaning of life".

Since this complexity cannot be comprehended in one lifetime, our soul passes through many, many incarnations. 

The Kabbalah analysis is able to calculate the paths that you have chosen for this incarnation. So in your Tree of Life analysis exactly 3 individual, personal aspects are calculated and considered:

  • Your talent or also transformation, with which you have entered life and which wants to develop fully. At the same time your talent serves to solve your problems. 
  • Your original theme and the number of years you have or had this theme. 
  • Your target theme, which accompanies you until the end of your life, even if the situation becomes finer, more delicate.

fool Very big thx to: Ciro MarchettiThe major Arcana  from his Tarot Grand Luxe Deck

Your Soul Plan in Kabbalah Tree of Life Analysis

The Kabbalah Tree of Life Analysis says something about your very personal soul plan. In your 3 paths, tasks can be recognized which your soul has undertaken for this incarnation. Everything you have set out to learn in this life, you will have experienced, sometimes painfully. Task means that we can't and don't recognize it at first, because if we could and if we would remember, it wouldn't be a learning task anymore. Everything we set out to do, we can learn, but we don't have to and everything we set out to do, we can achieve.

In order to be able to solve your tasks, you have brought karmic capital with you. These are abilities that are available to you from the beginning, or that you can easily activate. The karmic capital is available to you every day, you (actually) only need to call it up. This capital multiplies the more you use it. However, these talents also want to be used, demand your trust.

Sometimes we manage our learning tasks, sometimes not. That is perfectly okay. The goal is: to sharpen my awareness of recurring situations and to change them as quickly as possible. Guilt and sin, right or wrong do not exist in this life. These things were thought up by people to get power over other people. The soul's only concern in this life is to learn the experiences that our soul wants to have in this incarnation.

The plan you have put together for this life is encoded in your (girl's) name and in your birthday. You can think of it like a curriculum for school or college. Life is a school that begins with the day you are conceived and ends with your death. What you experience is an individual curriculum tailored to you alone. Therefore, general statements or rules hardly do justice to most people because they apply, if at all, only to the people who made those rules. (E.g. the former judgment into "right-handed" or "left-handed").

Thus, the cabbalistic birth analysis is ultimately a look into the director's book of your life, in which you yourself determine how happy and satisfied you will experience this life. Find out your very personal life plan in the Kabbalah. The statements made in this way apply only to you in this combination. It is the level 1 of the possibilities that our Kabbalistic analyses by Guggisheim / Müller offer.

Much more far-reaching, deeper information is the afterwards offered energy & soul image, which absolutely requires an approx. 1.5 hour video telephone call and is an independent service. (See page Energy Image)

 "To whom God gives a task, he also gives the strength to do it..."

Here you may calculate Your Master Talent for free.


"... since I am on spiritual paths, this realization - that I am right as I am, did me a lot of good. Already alone my tree of life fascinated me and I found myself in every word.

The detailed analysis of my energy and life image therefore hit every smallest point in me. Now I pay special attention to my thoughts - my emotions and therefore also to my actions. I am quite sure that this will change a lot in my life.

I will definitely recommend you and your work and I am sure that people will contact you.(...) sincerely"

Beate Z.