What my soul is longing to learn...

The 10 master
themes of our soul

How is my trust in life itself, in others and in myself?

How well can I accept the opinion of others without having to be right or giving up on myself?

How well do I deal with decisions, do I avoid them and say no rather than yes?

Do other people know who I am and how I feel, because I can express my feelings and thoughts openly?

Can I be easily manipulated? Or, do I smell foreign domination everywhere?

Is my glass half empty or half full? What is my basic emotional attitude, what about my desire, not only for life?

Do I complain about fate when negative things happen to me or can I "get up, straighten my crown and move on"? Do I think sometimes: has everything conspired against me?

Am I easily offended? Am I not at all good at forgiving?

My EQ (Emotional Quotient) is pronounced, because I listen to my intuition or, "I had a hunch, if only I had listened to my gut..."?

If I start something, will I finish it - in the external environment as well as in my inner life?

Seelenwaldtor_Dirk_Triebel Soul forest gate © Dirk S. Triebel

"Go ahead", said the soul to the body, "he/she (my human) does not listen to me, maybe he will listen to you",

"I will get sick, then she/he will have time for you," said the body to the soul. Ulrich Schaffer

My price

The Major Energy Image Analysis will take aproximately 1.5 hours of (video) telephone conversation (Zoom, Teams, Skype), which will be recorded for you (audio only) and will be sent to you as an MP3 format or CD. The recording will be divided into individual topics. You will receive your Tree of Life Analysis as a 16-page PDF, in advance, to set the mood, so to speak.

The price of the Major Energy Image Reading, coming together with the Tree of Life, is 222,- €.

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Energy Image - The Major Kabbalah Reading

The creation of your Energy Image is the most comprehensive analysis within the framework of my Kabbalah work, which immensely deepens your Tree of Life Analysis. This analysis was developed by Guggisheim / Müller, in the 70's and is part of the tradition of the Kabbalah.

I will only pass this Energy Image Analysis to you in the context of a personal conversation (preferably video-telephone) of about 1.5 hours. Here, I deliberately take a different approach than other providers, because, for example, there are too many options when it comes to complaining levels of the soul, whether mental or physical, etc., and it takes years of experience to assign this correctly for you.

What we will look at together:

Your talents, your learning tasks, and your symptoms of psychological or physical nature that you have experienced or you currently feel, if your soul is not satisfied with how you are progressing in your learning tasks.

It is also about: where or for what you should (primarily) use your energy, where it is lost when you use your energy wrongly, and how energy losses then show up on a mental or physical level. Where are your main problems, intended for you to really move forward? This analysis is also based on your name and date of birth. There are tens of thousands of  variations of this representation. Again, this is not subjectively interpreted, but calculated and analyzed together with you. If, e.g., symptoms or possible experiences are to be discussed, this is not possible without you, so that you can find yourself individually, thus not in writing, only in the conversation!

Your soul wants to learn, and you have written in your life plan what it wants to learn. My task is no more and no less than to encourage you to a more conscious perception of yourself. It is intended to help you to understand and experience events and sensitivities, perhaps, in a new and different way in future. In other words: it is meant to bring your life plan with all its connections and evaluations into your consciousness. I do not judge, I do not give stage directions, because the director of your life is ONLY you. There is no right or wrong - there is only experience.

In the analysis discussion with you, we clarify together which of the experiences, often from childhood, you know and find yourself in. Which of the various possible symptoms you have or have had and why. Also, which topics and goals you have already mastered. We discuss your mental and emotional patterns. You will be surprised what we can tell you about yourself.

Too theoretical? Let's try an example:

One of your important learning tasks is, e.g., to learn tolerance. "Live and let live." What do you do instead: you are a boss. Opinionated people are very often right, but does it help you? In the consequence of what dealing with "being right" triggers as a symptom, our life plans differ:

In one person it may trigger speech or breathing disorders, another one experiences weakness and exhaustion from their insistence of "being right," a third gets into constant conflict with their social environment and wonders, why, if "I am actually so sweet?“

Learning tasks can be the same from person to person, but the consequence of how we should carry this, makes us different from each other. Thus, it affects where, and/or, how the failure at the learning task is reflected. Bosses are not born, they are raised. We also differ in this. A righter or bossy person is often an unjustly treated child. Only you can know who caused this injustice: father, mother, teacher, grandparents. The fact that this happens or has happened to you, becomes visible in the analysis.

By understanding and seeing through your individual life plan, you have the opportunity to consciously change situations - just by experiencing, interpreting, evaluating them differently.

A very important sentence:

If we say "there is no coincidence", we do not say this to incapacitate you or to determine you from outside - on the contrary - once again: you alone are the director of your life.

But, do I have to sow carrots, if I want to harvest potatoes? Do I have to fight against something again, if then I experience it threefold violently? Are there ways to handle situations differently when they come my way? Recognizing behavioral and emotional patterns is often enough to live situations differently, and suddenly experience them differently. What this "handling differently" looks like may completely surprise you. This affects your learning tasks and your talents, which you may not believe in yet, although they are just waiting for you.

I'll give you a personal example:

One of my major learning tasks is to trust more in my talent 'intuition'. Some time ago, there was an important decision to make. I did, but since one of my tasks also has to do with judging & evaluating & calculating, I made a logical decision - and: it went wrong. I had a bad feeling in my stomach about it, but had not trusted my intuition, though. If such a feeling arises in me again, I will stop, and look at it differently, now.

For other people, deciding by intuition may not be the talent or the right way. They may do this even too much, because they might not follow their talent of 'judging'. Again and again: There is no absolute right or wrong as such - at least not from the point of view of the soul, which is only concerned with experience.


The energy image reading inc. tree of life costs 180 € inclusive approx. 1.5 hours telephone call (also gladly video telephone call via Zoom, Skype or other) that for you is recorded (only the spoken) and comes to you as MP3 or CD. The recording is divided so that you can also listen to individual topics again. 

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Clients say:

"Good morning Dirk,

I would now like to give feedback on yesterday's analysis: The tree of life and the energy image created for me with my learning tasks, my talents and the grumbling level of my soul, were really a revelation. It is a gift for me. For a long time I was searching, groping in the dark, guessing, going through quite a few seminars. Nothing was without added value for me, yet it is incredibly important to stumble upon the essence. All my efforts in trainings and seminars so far have helped me to recognize painful things, to work on them, to accept them and to let them go.  Now I am aware of my soul's task and can meaningfully move forward on the path I have already begun. I now understand myself better, know about the weak points that need to be addressed in love. Also, I am no longer surprised by the spectacular events of my life so far. They were, in retrospect, my chances to walk the path of my soul. I can recommend this analysis to everyone, because it -the Kabbalah- is a gift for our "human existence".

Thank you Dirk, Much light and love for you."

Doris D.

A reference 

"Be welcomed Mr. Triebel! After the "session" with you seems to change my whole life, I could also inspire my daughter. First of all she would like the tree of life! Afterwards certainly also the energy and soul image. 

I really enjoy consciously trying out my talents and life tasks with joy...and I feel much more confident in acting in all new situations. Again 1000 thanks to you! It is only through your counseling that this great change in consciousness is now taking place with me. "

Irene R., from Königswinter


"For me a circle has closed with the energy image analysis. 8 years ago I acquired a picture which represented the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. After I had experienced you in a presentation hour, it was clear to me: I would like an energy image analysis. ... I find the learning tasks unspeakably valuable. You described the connections and mutual dependencies on the basis of precise examples, as well as the respective development of positive and negative processes. My request for support to the universe is more than satisfied with our meeting.

On the way to oneself, this analysis is invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Manfred P. from Königswinter


"Dear Dirk S. Triebel,

thank you very much for creating the energy image reading.

It was now my second analysis. I had my first analysis done by your teacher more than ten years ago. At that time I still had to understand everything and often had the famous board in front of my head.

Since I have not found my analysis again, I have now had a new one made by you. My reason for this was a review of myself and my perception.

I am now as then very fascinated, what all is behind the name and the date of birth, such as my talents, life and learning tasks.

And above all how true it is!

For me it was very nice to see also then in black and white what I have already done, learned, and changed and what my current tasks are, what I have to pay attention to throughout my life.


Dear Dirk S. Triebel, thank you very much. I will be happy to recommend the analyses to my clients. Sometimes it is quite good to have something tangible in hand.

All the best"

Carolin M., Berg.-Gladbach