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Kabbalah Life Analysis
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The Major Energy Image Reading


Do you believe in coincidence? Is it a coincidence that you came across this page?

This is the point of evolution: all experiences drive the optimization of the species. If you may believe in the rebirth of your soul, then it is logical that reincarnations follow a purpose, a plan and that your personality is not accidental or just sociological-genetic as it is this time.

And optimization of the human species for the individual simply means: to be happy - to be SOUL-ONE.

Ancient Kabbalah is able to make specific statements about your soul plan, helping you to understand recurring patterns in your experience and behavior as intended learning tasks.

By understanding my soul dispositions, I can become SOUL-ONE.

At the same time, knowing about your Kabbalah can promote your talents, which you are endowed with in this life and in which you may not (yet) believe enough.

Finally, your soul talks to you about ailments and energy blockages when it disagrees with your development of your learning topics. Kabbalah analysis enables you to get to know or better understand these signals.

Knowing your soul plan and seeing your behavior patterns from a different perspective can be a real help for your life.  Please read how my clients describe it.

Here you can order your
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The Major Reading of your Kabbalah Soul plan

The most informative and intensive variant is definitely the Kabbalah Reading of your Energy Image as well including the tree of life, motto of life and partnership number, which will be discussed with you in a 90-minute conversation (telephone call, personal meeting, video call). I differ here from a whole range of providers and do not issue this Energy Image analysis in writing. Instead, you will receive a recording of our consultation, broken down by topic. You will receive the tree of life in advance as a PDF.

The informations according to your soul plan are too complex, the interpretation is by no means easy and it is precisely about establishing a connection to you and enabling you to use it concretely in your everyday life. After 14 years, the author of this page has a good deal of consulting experience.

The Kabbalah partnership analysis, which illuminates which learning tasks and talents complement or oppose each other in the partnership, is particularly exciting. It requires the calculation of both energy images and compares them: where do talents overlap, where do they complement each other, what learning tasks do you perhaps have in common?

Partnerships of all kinds can be analyzed in this way. 

Edited & translated by Rea Sufiani - Thanks a lot!

What clients say

(Originals are in german)

I am very grateful to Dirk for creating my tree of life and for showing my energy image. Both have taken me a big step further in my development. The personal conversation about the energy image (via video call zoom for 1.5 hours) was not only detailed and informative, but also psychologically profound and above all future-oriented!I am very specifically concerned with the "solution" of personal life tasks that feel like they keep falling on your toes. Dirk's practical tips and tricks are immensely helpful here and help "hands-on". My conclusion: I can definitely recommend a reading to 1. get to know and understand yourself better, 2. to better understand the challenges of your own life and from a healthier one! To look at perspectives, 3. to walk the further path of life more consciously and "equipped" - in the sense of practical tools. Dirk himself is super likeable and empathetic. I am very happy to have met him.


Intuitively landed on this page, both the tree of life and the energy image turned out to be a hit.Many aspects that I had already suspected myself were confirmed and connections were clarified.It became clear that Dirk is keen to explain the interaction of the talents and learning tasks in a personal conversation in such a way that I really benefit from it for my life and everyday life.I always felt that I was in good hands and treated with respect when sharing my personal challenges and life details.The 90-minute discussion about the energy picture flew by and is definitely preferable to a written evaluation.

Marion E

Hello Mr Triebel, on the one hand, our conversation about my energy image analysis was very surprising for me, since it reflects exactly what is happening in my life and what I did not expect. Second, I now understand a lot better why all these sad things had to happen in my life and I don't hold grudges about it anymore.The fact that I unconsciously took the right path for me, after my last drastic experience, calms me down and gives me strength to continue.

Thanks a lot for this

Stefanie G

"The Kabbalistic Birth Analysis - Your Tree of Life applies to me very precisely and gave me a first rough overview to see and understand what is happening right now.It includes the talent; the learning task with which one starts in life; the experience that one would like to learn by the age of XY and which learning task is then important.I was positively surprised by the nice customer service, which is very rarely the case for online offers.If you still have a question on your mind, you feel that you are in good hands and that is important to me. I can (and already have) recommend the Kabbalah.

Love Elisa

I understand myself better and live happier

As old as the Hebrew Kabbalah is (that is: tradition, adoption and transmission) as surprisingly young is the way to get an intensive understanding of certain basic dispositions of your life via a calculation system - just by means of your birth name and birth date. The system was invented or created by Hans Müller and Fritz Guggisberg, in the 1970s. Thus, it is a fusion of ancient knowledge and modern mathematics. 

The Kabbalah Analysist and author of this website has been applying the system since 2009. The Analysist has achieved a further development of the Kabbalah consultations by attending the basic seminar MINDFLOW by Tom Mögele. Here, the energetic acceptance of the own (learning) tasks is in the focus, in particular.

The Kabbalistic Life Analysis does not regard itself as an esoteric or astrological interpretation. It analyzes your life and soul dispositions on the basis of a tremendously complex mathematical system. It tries to help you to understand and, above all, to feel your learning issues that cause you problems as positive companions of your development. Additionally, it intends to make you more aware of your talents that can help you to develop.

I, the Kabbalah Analysist, offer you an understanding of yourself in a new and different way, in the here and now, an experience of yourself and thus, perhaps, to cope easier or faster with your soul tasks in this life.  Plus - to transform into a better version of you.

The basis of Kabbalistic tradition has always been the search for the experience of an immediate relationship with God or however the individual understands their belief in an all-encompassing energy. At the same time, Kabbalistic philosophy is absolutely non-denominational. Kabbalah is not a religion, but a science.

Another basis is the belief in reincarnation. For the one who believes in a past life or in a return of the soul within another person, believing in having entered this life with certain tasks, is possible as well.

But, above all, one thing is true in Kabbalah: the meaning of life is love and happiness.

The negative that happens is not against me, but for me!


Wouldn't it be wonderful to understand
why we always encounter situations
that we do not really want?

To feel carried by the certainty,
that this follows cosmic circumstances
that we can understand?

There is no good and evil - only experience....

There is no good and evil for our soul, only experience...

The Kabbalah Analyses offered here are nothing more and nothing less than a possible key to your self-discovery and, as far as physical or mental problems are concerned, a possible key to the activation of your self-healing powers.

In the sense of Kabbalah, there is no good or evil, no right or wrong, there are only experiences. For our soul, life is a school. The soul wants to gain certain experiences and learn from them.

We learn the most from our painful experiences, don’t we?

How does our soul talk to us when it disagrees with us?

After all, it cannot speak in human tongue. So our soul produces crises, pains, negative experiences - often repeatedly - until we finally understand our learning task and deal with ourselves, fellow human beings and experiences, differently.

Since we are often only willing to change when it hurts, our soul leads us to the consequences of our negative attitude(s), our non-learning. At the same time, however, we also bring with us lots of talents that help us to be able to change our life plan positively, if we believe in these talents and put our faith in them.

Illness or unhappiness can thus be understood as a symptom of a not yet learned experience. Many an illness can be "dissolved", by our own power, if we are willing to perceive and accept this.


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